Manufacturer Exporters/ Merchant Exporters

We are providing our present manufacturing facilities and we are also active as a Merchandised Export Traders.

Besides the products from our facility we provide the whole glam out of pharmaceutical finished formulations. Under one umbrella the total requirement of pharmaceutical finished formulations is available.

We supply of pharmaceutical formulations comprising tablets, capsules, liquid orals, ointments, injections, sterile dry powder injections , liquid injections, ear drops, nasal drops, eye drops, pharmaceutical veterinary tablets, dry syrups, liquid orals, tablets, capsules, sterile powder.


PHARMACEUTICAL EYE DROPS: We Offer Pharmaceutical Eye Drops that are Manufactured Using Only premium Stabilizer, Wetting Agents, Surfactant and Preservatives. The Pharmaceutical Human Eye Drops are developed at Our Advanced Laboratory under the Supervision of Qualified Chemical Analysts and Passed through Several Tests.

PHARMACEUTICAL NASAL DROPS: We Specialize in Manufacturing and Supplying a Wide Variety of Pharmaceutical Nasal Drops that is Highly Effective in Treatment of Various Ailments. Supervised by Experts, the Production of Pharmaceutical Human Nasal Drops is monitored for Process Improvements to Offer the Best Medication.

PHARMACEUTICAL EAR DROPS: Avail from Us a Range of Pharmaceutical Ear Drops that is a Result of Extensive Research and World-class Manufacturing. Suitable to Treat Ear Infections, and other Problems, the Pharmaceutical Human Ear Drops are Highly Recommended by Doctors all Over the Globe.

PHARMACEUTICAL CAPSULES: We are one of the Leading Pharmaceutical Capsules Manufacturers and Exporters, Engaged in Offering a Diverse Array in the Market. Effective for Diverse Applications, the Pharmaceutical Human Capsules Offered by Us is Manufactured Using High Quality Ingredients.

PHARMACEUTICAL INJECTION STERILE POWDER: We manufacture the pharmaceutical Injection Sterile Powder in Bulk and Under Highly Controlled Conditions using Only the Best Chemicals & other Ingredients. The Pharmaceutical Injection Sterile Powder is provided by us in Liquid Dosage Form and as Sterile Bulk Drug. Highly Stable excellent Effectiveness accurate Formulation tested for Sterility and Endotoxins sealed Packaging.

PHARMACEUTICAL LIQUID INJECTION: The Pharmaceutical Liquid Injection that We Manufacture and Supply are Highly Acclaimed in the Industry for Their Qualitative Manufacturing. The Entire Pharmaceutical Human Liquid Injection Range is Carefully Researched and Manufactured in Advanced Facilities to Offer a Potent Drug.

PHARMACEUTICAL OINTMENTS: Pharmaceutical Ointments are topical semi-solids preparations that are developed to exert local activities. The Pharmaceutical Human Ointments are manufactured in the conditions of strict temperature and humidity control and give powerful action on application to skin or certain mucous-membrane. Usually having oil-in-water emulsion or water-in-oil emulsion, the Pharmaceutical Human Ointments are manufactured under the able supervision of qualified pharmacists and experienced quality control personnel.

PHARMACEUTICAL TABLETS: Avail from us Pharmaceutical Tablets in Beta Lactam and Non Beta Lactam range as per the Set Standards. The Procedure for the Production of the Pharmaceutical Human Tablets is in Accordance with the Master Formula that is approved by the Quality Department as per Composition and Stability. We Offer a Wide Range of Pharmaceutical Human Tablets that is Manufactured Using High Grade Chemicals and other Ingredients in a Proper Composition Using High-end Machinery.

PHARMACEUTICAL VETERINARY PRODUCTS: As a pharmaceutical Veterinary Boluses, Injection (LVP & SVP) Manufacturer and Exporter, We Present a Varied Range of products that is Recommended By Veterinarians all Over the World for Treatment of Different Ailments in Animals. all the Pharmaceutical Veterinary Products are Developed After Careful Research to Develop Powerful Formulations with Minimal Side-effects. Moreover, We Offer the Pharmaceutical Veterinary Products At Competitive Prices for the Benefit of Clients. Optimum Formulation free from Foreign Particles pure Composition tested By Experts safe Packaging.

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